Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Phrases with "get"

It's getting on for three months since I promised one of my students, Raul Rodriguez, that I'd do something on phrases with "get" and I've finally got round to doing it. There are so many different ways we use "get" (especially in British English, it's less common in America) but we can try to group them into 4 main categories.

It's easy to get confused when trying to get your head round all of these phrases, but hopefully thing's will get easier after you've read this week's worksheet.

You can watch this film

with 70 phrases of "get" and then check them all and how they fit into these 4 catagories with a free 7-page worksheet. You can get the worksheet here I hope you find it fun (and helpful!) if you want to do me a favour in return you can click "like" on my facebook page -

Ok, now get going!

"Marcus got a shock when he saw how many phrases
with get Martin had given him to learn"

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