Thursday, 20 December 2012

Present Perfect Part 03a

Oh no! I've lost my keys! This is a sentence I say all too often, perhaps I should wear them around my neck.
But why do we say "I've lost my keys" and not just "I lost my keys"?

Well, because although I lost my keys in the past it has an effect now - I can't open the door to my flat!

And what's the difference between "Sarah's gone to Paris" and "Sarah's been to Paris"?

This is the third (and final!) way we use the Present Perfect and you can watch a lesson here:

Have a look at these pictures and, using the Present Perfect, describe what you see...






(possible) answers: He's broken his arm/a tree has fallen on the car/you've burnt the toast!/we've run out of petrol/they've won the cup/he's broken a window/they've bought a new home.

You can download a free worksheet with many more exercises (with answers) here:

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