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Poor Jennifer Lawrence fell over on her way to collect her Oscar...

Falling over, falling down, falling out....choosing the correct proposition can be tricky so here are some pictures and also some idioms with "fall" to look at and check your understanding.

I've made a worksheet (with answers) which you can download for free below.


Here are some common idioms with "fall"

Here are some other phrases with “fall” Look at the example sentences below and, from the context, try to match the phrase with the correct meaning.
1.    fall asleep

a)     disintegrate
2.    fall apart

b)    stop rising and decrease (for graphs etc.)
3.    fall out

c)     start to sleep!
4.    fall behind

d)    have an argument with a friend (and you stop being friends)
5.    fall back

e)     stop being popular
6.    fall from grace/fall out of favour

f)      retreat
7.    fall off

g)     to fail to maintain the same speed or level
8.    fall through

h)    not happen (for plans)

  • The level of the class was too difficult for me and I quickly fell behind. The others found it easy but I couldn’t keep up with them.
  • The house was only made out of thin wood and paper so when the strong winds started it quickly fell apart.
  • There was a large rise in sales for Samsung in the first two months of the year but then sales fell off in March and April.
  • For many years Edward had been the King’s favourite but after the scandal he quickly fell out of favour.
  • We had made very detailed plans to visit Turkey for a holiday but they all fell through when the earthquake forced us to cancel.
  • After fierce fighting outside the capital city the government army has fallen back and the rebels are advancing.
  • I sometimes fall out with my sister, usually about money, but it never lasts long and one of us always apologises and we make friends again.
  • The film was so boring that I had to stop myself from falling asleep.


Now listen to "Falling" by Florence & The Machine

 and complete the gaps in the first verse.
I've fallen ______ favour and I've fallen ____________
Fallen out of_________and I've fallen on _________
Fallen out of ______, out of ________ too
I fell in your opinion when I _________ love with you

You can find the answers to all of the above, and some other practice exercises here:

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