Friday, 26 October 2012

English and Drinking

I think the number of synonyms in English for "drunk" says a lot about our culture:

Now watch this clip - it shows a group of English friends who have a new flatmate from Holland. They find her attitude to (not) drinking very confusing. It sums up the British perfectly:

You can find a tapescript of the clip on this free worksheet,

Here is some more useful vocabulary for drinking in Britain:

a teetotaller
a soft drink
an off-licence
a shot
a round

Can you match the word in the box with the definitions below? Answers are on the worksheet.

1.     ------   a non-alcoholic drink

2.    ----- a shop which sells alcohol (in Australia “bottle shop” in the USA “liquor store”)

3.    ---- drinks such as whisky, vodka, rum, tequila etc

4.    ----- a small drink which you drink very quickly (in one gulp)

5.    ---- a traditional british beer, also called ale, dark gold colour, often served at room-temperature – served in pints or half pints

6.    ---- a cold, golden-colour beer, usually imported from France, Belgium, Germany etc – served in pints or half pints

7.    ---- a mix of beer and lemonade, popular with in summer especially with ladies and Australian men.

8.    ----  a person who doesn’t drink alcohol

9.    ----  an adjective meaning “not drunk”

10. ---- a cold, golden-colour drink, made from apples, served in pints or half pints.

11.  ---- a selection of drinks which you buy for everybody with you (everybody takes turns to buy all the drinks, we don’t just buy individual drinks for ourselves).

12. ---- adjectives used to describe if a drink has bubbles or not.

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