Friday, 28 September 2012

A Love Story In Phrasal Verbs

Making Kramer vs Kramer look like a zany comedy...

If you can't manage your way to the end, here are the phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verb
get on (with someone)
have a good relationship
ask (someone) out
ask somebody to go on a date
fall for someone
fall in love with someone
go out (with someone)
be in a relationship with someone
move in (with someone)
start living in the same home
fall out (with someone)
have an argument, stop being friends,
split up (or break up )(with someone)
end a relationship
get over (someone/something)
stop feeling upset about something
bump into someone
meet by accident
make up
become friends again after falling out
get back together
start a relationship again

I think "fall for someone" might be a bit old-fashioned, but you still find it in romantic comedies "Oh, I think I'm falling for him..." etc.

"Get over it" has become a common expression, meaning "stop making a fuss".

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